Mothers are the ones who care for us, wipe off our tears and always stand beside us through life. The mum's day is just a few days ahead to celebrate with all the wonderful mothers out there. A recent survey suggests that the mums who work they would like time to prioritize themselves and their health.

Considering this survey, we decided to present you some gift ideas that are ideal for a health-conscious mom. This is a mother who wishes to be healthy, fit and active, so that she can take care of the entire family. Your gifts will tell mothers that you support her need to take care of herself. As our mums are worthy of feeling great, right?

1. Attractive water bottle - Always keeping your body properly hydrated is the key to live healthy. Help your mum stay hydrated with an extraordinary water bottle. The bottle allows here to keep fresh fruit juices, water or glucose solution with here whenever she is working out.  

2. Motion chair - Those mothers who work in an office and have sitting jobs or non-working moms who sit most of the time at home, for them a motion chair like swopper, Muvman or 3Dee could be a perfect gift. These chairs let her do mild exercise while she is sitting during work or simply watching television.

3. A Session with a private trainer - Mothers are usually unable to take out time for going to gyms and exercise at the time when gyms are open. These mothers need a personal trainer who can train them whenever they get time. So, show mum that you support her finding time for exercise and workout at her convenience.

4. New workout clothes - If your mom still goes to the gym in the same old fashioned T-shirt and ratty shorts, then it seems the time to gift her new workout clothes. Give here some new vibrant and relaxed workout clothes, which will make her workout sessions more fun.

5. De-stress her mind - If you wish to help your mom’s well-being, then present her a completely no-stress day. It means she doesn’t have to do any regular work like cooking, cleaning or picking anyone up from practice. Has someone else “run the ship” so mum can take a break.

6. Juicer - Tell your mother to sit back and rest while you quickly prepare a tasty and healthy fresh juice in the new juicer.

7. Colourful running shoes - If your mum is the running type, assist her showing off her vibrant persona with some new running shoes in an intense, vibrant colour.

Mothers Day

Apart from all these there are lots of health supplements for women and several other health products available at our website that you can present your mom this mother's day.