Many hospitals have been using pure oxygen to progress our wellbeing for more than 200 years and has been witnessed to enhance our exercise performance since as early as 1928, even though the first well-known personality was Sir Roger Bannister, who disclosed the advantages of pure oxygen in a research paper in 1954.

The use of pure oxygen is not new, but it has recently gained more popularity due to various health advantages. Air contains 21 percent oxygen and canned oxygen is generally 95 percent.

Here are a few health benefits that pure oxygen offers:

1. Improves the immune system

Our immune system makes us strong enough to fight infections, diseases, coughs & colds, and helps you  live healthier. There are a lot of ways you can boost your immune system, such as exercising regularly, reducing or cutting your alcohol, eating healthily, and breathing pure oxygen is another way of making your immune system stronger to help you staying away from many infections.

2. Stressful lives

Our daily office lives are really very challenging. We all are trying hard to do more in the same limited time. In all this, we don't get enough family time, house time and time for ourselves. Whenever we are stressed, everyone suggests ‘taking a deep breath’. Pure oxygen can assist you in taking a moment, get pure oxygen into your bloodstream and assist you deal with the road ahead with a little more easiness as pure oxygen can assist to cut the stress.


3. Makes you think swiftly

Some studies have revealed that people breathing pure oxygen remembers up to 20 percent more words, from a specified list, than those that did not breathe pure oxygen. If you are struggling some days to focus, get things done, then inhaling pure oxygen can assist in making those tasks that bit convenient and faster.

4. Keeps you Younger for Longer

Today there are lots of products in the market for stopping or reducing the ageing process. Not only this, but the beauty industry is today offering almost everything to improve your look and beautify each part of your body. However, pure oxygen is one of the best products that helps you having a younger looking skin. Try canned oxygen as part of your everyday beauty routine.

5. Recovers you fast

Athletes and several other players need to breathe pure oxygen for a faster recovery. Many doctors have long been suggested to breathe pure oxygen for fast recovery and now inhaling pure oxygen can facilitate everyone who is looking to get well faster from injury, after a small operation or a period of being sick.

6. Excellent detoxifying agent and cleanser

According to numerous health experts, one of the best body cleanser as well as detoxifying agent is pure oxygen. Our lifestyle is less physical than our predecessors and so we are not oxygenating our blood as well as they did, it leads to our bodies carrying more toxins than our predesessors used to do centuries back. Breathing pure oxygen can help to reduce those toxins that we carry in our bodies, in turn helping us to be healthier.

So, Say hello to pure oxygen today to look young, stay healthy and fit.