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Dymatize Nutrition, GABA 111g

*Dietary Supplement *Gluten-Free *Helps Increase Mass *Faster Gains *Enhances Recovery *Increases Growth Hormone *Quality Purity TMB Guaranteed *Manufactured in a NSF GMP Certified Facility *Building Better Bodies

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GABA, which is a neurotransmitter amino acid, helps increase muscle mass gain along with speed up recovery. GABA is also used to help speed up the rate at which gains are experienced. The way that it works is by playing an active part in the way that Growth Hormone is released in the body. This specific hormone is important for protein synthesis, transporting amino acids, and the way that cells grow. Human Growth Hormone, or HGH, not only helps increase muscle mass gains, it also helps promote fat loss. HGH levels naturally decrease over age. GABA helps catapult the biological system into producing the kind of physiological responses necessary to supply adequate nutritional output throughout the body?s vital muscle repairing systems. GABA: Benefits: Promote production of Growth Hormone. Increase Muscle Strength and Mass Gains. Improved Energy. Enhance recovery. Once-a-day easily mixable powder formula. Support amino acid transportation. Improve protein synthesis efficiency. GABA has a natural tendency to help produce sleep-inducing responses when supplementing. While it is not considered to be a sleep aid, it does help induce a more fulfilling, recharging night of rest. During this period of rest the body is hard at work doing the necessary repairs to help rebuild muscle tissue and recover from intensive training. GABA is an easy to take powder supplement that only needs to be taken once a day and can be mixed simply with water or juice. Unlike some supplements that require constant consumption, GABA is an easy, once-a-day supplement that increases body mass, enhances recovery, and promotes Growth Hormone production.
Gamma Aminobutyric Acid (GABA).
As an adult dietary supplement, take three to five grams mixed with 4 ounces of water or juice approximately 30 minutes before sleep. Because of GABA's Neurotransmitter Properties, some individuals may experience a minor tingling of the skin and/or a slight shortness of breath shortly after taking Gaba. These symptoms will quickly subside, and are characteristic of this Amino Acid.
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