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Komodo Neodymium Daylight Spot Lamp ES, 150 Watt

A broad spectrum daylight lamp for reptiles. Best choice for daytime use. Optimum heat source for efficient thermoregulation and metabolism. Emits up to 90% of power as beneficial IR heat rays. Moderate output of UVA rays to stimulate appetite & immune system. Watts: 150W. Edison screw fitting (ES).

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About this item
The Komodo Daylight Spot (screw fitting) is a neodymium bulb ideal for bearded dragons, leopard geckos, corn snakes and tortoises. Neodymium coating reduces yellow for a whiter daytime light. - The Komodo Daylight Spot emits up to 90% of power as beneficial heat rays. - Providing the correct range of temperatures for your reptile is vital. Tropical reptiles and especially desert reptiles require the kind of temperatures they would experience in their natural habitat and it is important to monitor these heat levels. - The Komodo Daylight Spot's moderate output of UVA rays stimulate appetite and the immune system. - The bulb is available in a range of wattages: 50w, 75w, 100w and 150w.
The Komodo Neodymium Daylight Spot Lamp is a broad spectrum incandescent bulb, providing essential IR and UVA heat and light rays for reptiles during the day.
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